The Honor Tax Resolution

We, the peoples, organizations, institutions, agencies, and governments who now reside on the Wiyot Nation's traditional territories hereby respectfully pledge an annual Honor Tax (in an amount decided by the giver) to the Wiyot Nation in recognition and support of their sovereignty;

Recognizing the sovereignty of the Wiyot Nation, whose aboriginal homelands include the estuaries of the Bpadtawodt (Mad), Wiyodt (Eel) and Dtagkdtug‘agka (Van Duzen ) Rivers, and adjacent coastal lands which comprise their traditional territory;

Respecting the Wiyot Peoples' historic, cultural, and economic relationships to their homelands that have provided them the gifts of physical and spiritual sustenance since time immemorial;

Affirming that such relationships have supported the Wiyot people's cultural, philosophical, and intellectual evolution as a distinct people for countless generations;

Considering that the Wiyot Nation has never surrendered their aboriginal rights to their lands, resources, or territory by treaty or any other instrument or decree;

Acknowledging the adoption of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples by the General Assembly on September 13, 2007, in its entirety;

Acknowledging specifically Article 26 of that Declaration regarding lands, resources and territories, which states:

  1. Indigenous peoples have the right to the lands, territories and resources which they have traditionally owned, occupied or otherwise used or acquired.
  2. Indigenous peoples have the right to own, use, develop and control the lands, territories and resources that they possess by reason of traditional ownership or other traditional occupation or use, as well as those which they have otherwise acquired.
  3. States shall give legal recognition and protection to these lands, territories and resources. Such recognition shall be conducted with due respect to the customs, traditions and land tenure systems of the indigenous peoples concerned.

With this in mind, we invite all residents, organizations, businesses, and governmental entities to join us in acknowledging and respecting the sovereignty of the Wiyot Nation through participating in this Honor Tax.




  1. Download the Honor Tax Form.
  2. Send the form along with your tax payment to:

The Wiyot Tribe
1000 Wiyot Dr.
Loleta, CA. 95551



We have no events coming up but some suggested times of year to pay your tax are:

*"Columbus Day" - October

*Thanksgiving - November

*Duluwat Island / Indian Island Massacre - February 26

These are some suggestions but you can pay your tax any time.


“I Participate in the Wiyot Honor Tax as a way of direct reparation to the People on whose land I now live.”

-Paul Pitino (Arcata Resident)
Former Arcata City Council Member

“As a member of a neighoring Tribal Nation, I have a cultural obligation to acknowledge Wiyot homeland and pay respect to the Wiyot People for living on their traditional territories. The Honor Tax provides a way to fulfill my responsibilities as a Yurok person.”

-Christopher Peters (Yurok/Pohlik-lah)
President, Seventh Generation Fund

“The Honor Tax is small compensation for the grief and loss the Wiyot people have suffered. We feel honored by the
graciousness with which they accept our presence here today and by this opportunity to contribute.”

-Dana Silvernale (Blue Lake Resident)
County Council Chair, Green Party of Humboldt County

“Our organization pays the tax because we have a commitment to justice and to honoring the sovereignty of native peoples and nations.”

-Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap (Eureka Resident) Director, Democracy Unlimited of Humboldt County

For more information contact The 7th Generation Fund for Indian Development and Democracy Unlimited of Humboldt County.